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We are a member of WORD CARGO ALLIANCE

With more than 11,950 agents in 195 countries, WCA is the largest and strongest network of independent freight forwarders in the world. The combined logistics strength of WCA members exceeds that of even the largest multinational freight forwarding companies in the world.

We are a member of CTL – Cargo Trans Logistik

Cargo Trans Logistik AG regards itself as logistics service provider for your goods transportation. The dispatch of packaged goods is coordinated through the headquarters and is reliably carried out by a strong and seamless partner system throughout Germany and in Europe. Over 180 renowned and primarily medium-sized forwarding companies process the dispatch of goods through our six ideally located sites. On 400 daily traffic lines, the packaged goods are cost-effectively processed while all resources are efficiently and economically utilised.

You’ve got the packaged goods – our system delivers the possibilities.

We are a member of MarcoPoloLine Group

MarcoPoloLine is an authority in the field of Exporting and Importing cargo, and all the affiliated industries related to freight forwarding.

MPL has a network of offices strategically positioned in virtually every angle of the globe, giving us the advantage of being able to offer our clients a comprehensive service.

MPL evaluates the customers’ requirements, provides transportation solutions designed specifically for them, whilst speeding up consignments efficiently and cost effectively, tracking every shipment through each to destination, whether it be by air, sea, train or road. Many companies solicit lower prices to save clients excessive costs, but MPL has gone much further by negotiating special terms with some of the largest shipping lines in the world, obtaining rates which are solely applicable to MPL. This global reach and financial stability enables clients to achieve economies on a scale and geographical latitude, not attainable on their own or with smaller organisations. Irrelevant of how large MPL is, the first and foremost priority is always the client, ensuring personalised care and attention with each and every one.

In April 2021, ViT Logistics s.r.o. officially founded the pan-European transport network Paneco together with the logistics networks Kommodus (Poland), Cargo24 (Switzerland) ABC Business Network (Italy) and ELVIS (Germany). In cooperation with another 15 local partners, this network of networks already serves all major economic zones in Europe. The operational start of Paneco is planned for July.

1.7.2020 – we have become a meber of Air&Sea alliance JCtrans Logistics Network.

16.6.2019 – we are a member of LOGCOOP, network of middlesized European freightforwarding companies.

20.9.2018 we have become a member of “Africa Logistics Network”

Why a new Network? At the end of last century, due to the important growth of the international transports, the worldwide Freight Forwarders realized that to keep just a relation with their abroad Agents was not sufficient anymore and, furthermore, it was very expensive to maintain relations with very long business trips, contacts and so on. According to these necessities, the idea of a Network took place. The idea in fact was very simple: to build up a network of Members, not only Agents, with a very wide presence in a more and more increased number of Countries. The most efficient Network should cover all countries in the world and arrange a selection of the new entries.

We are a member of International Chamber of Commerce Czech Republic – ICC

We are a member of IFA – International Forwarding Association. This network brings together members specialized in groupage service.

The IFA was established in 1992 by a handful of companies. Meanwhile, our network has more than 40  independent, small and medium-sized forwarders throughout Europe. The IFA has become a recognized network in the  European logistics and transport sector for  over 20 years.  We’re able to create and offer solutions for our partners and customers. It is mission critical to us that we find the best logistics solution and the best price in the right amount of time!

We are a certified member of Freight Network Corporation

FNC Group was established in the year 2004 with a mission to support the freight industry. In this fast moving world, communication and trust is considered to be the most important aspect to make brilliant business.FNC Group reputed Freight Network emerged as a bridge to connect the freight forwarders across the globe under one roof to develop business prospects, international friendship, trust and confidence among its members.

We are a founding member of OCTOPUS FREIGHT NETWORK

OFN is a freight forwarding network based on the four main principles: high quality standards – made in Germany, exceptional service levels in connection with upmost business security and trust in our network member and network organisation. We contribute with our network service a working background and understanding of more than 30 years experience in freight forwarding and 12 years in freight networking. Worldwide member office locations, well organised and pre-scheduled 1-2-1 meetings, annual network gatherings in diverse locations as well as our vision and ideas will generate for every OFN member additional advantages and immediate short term returns in their time and capital investments.